Consultation workshop: FAO Sustainable Forest Management Toolbox

The FAO-hosted Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Toolbox is a free, user -friendly interactive online platform, designed to meet the needs of the global forestry community, particularly forest managers and practitioners. (

The Toolbox is a key gateway to a vast amount of practical information, knowledge and resources, spanning the entire range of forestry disciplines and thematic areas and organized in modules and case studies that users can access quickly and simply.

In 2017, FAO conducted an initial consultation of Toolbox users (a summary is available here) and found it was underutilized by younger categories (i.e. university students). In response to these preliminary results, and in collaboration with the International Forestry Students Association (IFSA), FAO is conducting a second consultation to explore the possibility of significantly enlarging the platform’s target users/user base, and to increase its diffusion and knowledge of the product.

The workshop will present participants with the opportunity to discuss and explore their own needs in forest education. Part 1 will promote lateral and conceptual learning to generate new ideas and create a common vision for online learning which will serve as a backdrop for evaluating the Toolbox. In part 2, participants will receive a formal introduction to the Toolbox and its various components through an in-depth evaluation and assessment exercise. This latter section will promote practical learning, with participants being asked how the Toolbox measures up in terms of usability, content, strengths and weakness. Through this process, participants will help define priority areas and potentially inform future improvements and updates to the Toolbox.

SFM Toolbox flyers

Workshop details

Facilitator: Khalil Walji, Forest Resources Management Team, Forestry Department, FAO |

Date and time: Monday, 1 October 14.00– 16.00

Venue: Conference Convention Center

Duration: 2.0 hours | Language: English |