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TOPIC 1: Human-nature relationships to support sustainable forest landscapes.

S1.1. Biodiversity Islands: Pockets of Protected Land in Human Dominated Environments (Chairs: Florencia Montagnini, Brett Levin and Kjell E. Berg. contact email:

S1.3. Balancing environmental, productive and welfare needs towards a sustainable forest management approach in Mesopotamia, Argentina (Chair: Zuleta, G. Contact email:

S1.4. Environmental education for biodiversity and ecosystem services conservation (Chair: Ávila Akerberg, V. Contact email:

S1.5. Major trends in forest degradation in Latin America: which way forward? (Chair: Armenteras, D. Contact email:

S1.6. Management of native forest and forestry landscapes for biodiversity conservation (Chairs: Gavier-Pizarro, G., Fracassi, N. & Bernardos, J. Contact email:

S1.7. Monitoring biodiversity in forested landscapes: a key component in the adaptive management (Chair: Zurita, G. Contact email:

S1.8. Agroforestry: building relationships between human populations and nature to make forest and agricultural landscapes sustainable (Chairs: Smith, J., Palma, J., Moreno, G. & Pantera, A. Contact email:

OP1.1. Forest landscapes: multiscale modelling, challenges and opportunities (Chair: Azevedo, J. Contact email:


TOPIC 2: Tools, Methods & Approaches oriented towards solutions

S2.1. Forest Biodiversity Indicators and Monitoring (Chairs: Barbatti, A. & Gosselin, F. Contact email:

S2.2. Monitoring forest biodiversity using remote sensing (Chairs: Feret, J.P. & Santos, M.J. Contact email:

OP2.3. Connectivity and landscape patterns in human dominated landscapes (Chair: Sepp , K. Contact email: )


TOPIC 3: Global change, vulnerability and adaptive management of forested landscapes – How to manage biodiversity threats?

S3.1. Changes in forest ecosytems of South America between global drivers and regional context (Chair: Gasparri, N. Contact email:

S3.2. Measuring and monitoring carbon stocks and ecosystem services in degraded forests under climate change (Chairs: Hirata, Y. , Stokes, Alexia. Contact email:

S3.6. Large scale land use and change models and forest carbon estimates (Chair: Ometto, J. Contact email: )

S3.7. Climate change as a major driver of landscape change – including vulnerability of communities and regions associated with drivers and risks of global change (Chair: Sanesi, Geovanni. Contact email:

OP3.1. Climate change as a major driver of landscape change – including vulnerability of communities and regions associated with drivers and risks of global change (Chair: Iverson, L. Contact email:

OP3.3. Fire dynamics – impacts in forests and people (Chair: Armenteras, D. Contact email:

TOPIC 4: Socio-ecological approaches integrating ecosystem services and forest management

S4.1. Mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services: Operational support towards scenarios for management (Chairs: Luque, S., Elbakidze, M. Contact email:

S4.2. Miombo Network of southern Africa:  a research alliance to support sustainable management of Miombo Woodlands (Chairs: Ribeiro, N., Archibald. S., Kaamoto, J., Syanpungani, S. & Rija, A. Contact email:

S4.3. Ecosystem services for forest sustainable use governance: A light beyond the tunnel? (Chairs: Rusch, G. & Plieninger, T. Contact email:

S4.4. Role of external actors on forest institutions: a multidisciplinary approach (Chairs: santos, M. & Barnes, C. Contact email:

S4.5. Socio-ecological insight on forest restoration in the Brazilian Amazon: lessons from on-going experiences and challenges to achieve up-scaling (Chair Sists, P. Contact email:

4.6. Multifunctional forest landscapes: conflicts, tradeoffs and synergies assessment towards sustainable forest policy design (Chairs: Cristeche, E. & Gobbi, J. Contact email:

S4.7. Hydroecological approaches and models for forest management and ecosystem services (Chairs: Pamukcu-Albers, P.& Serengil, Y. Contact email:


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