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Misiones, Argentina

The province of Misiones is located in Northeastern Argentina bordering both Brazil and Paraguay. Known as the “Land of the red soil” (tierra colorada) due to the reddish color of the land given by the high content of ferrous compounds in the soils, Misiones is one of the “nature´s jewels” of Argentina. Although it represents only 1% of the total surface of Argentina, it is one of the most biodiverse areas in the country. Home of the spectacular Iguazu Falls and a vast array of other natural wonders, Misiones also presents a rich multicultural flair resulting from the coexistence of the heritages of the original inhabitants and a strong European inmigration current during the early 1900s, completing the picture of Misiones as a province with a diverse, active and vigorous community.

Posadas, Misiones

Capital of the Misiones province, Posadas is the most populated city in the entire Northeastern region of Argentina with an estimated population of about 350.000 residents. Posadas serves as the administrative, commercial and cultural center of the Misiones province, and it is also one of the most active and growing cities in Argentina. Posadas is the gateway to the Iguazu Falls, to the Jesuitic ruins, the Esteros del Iberá, and to the many natural and cultural landmarks present in the region.

It is located on National Route 12, 310 km from Puerto Iguazú (Iguazu Falls), 65 km from Esteros del Iberá, 350 km from Asunción (capital of Paraguay) and to 1003 km of Buenos Aires (capital of Argentina). Its influence extends to the neighbouring city of Garupá, with which it forms the Great Posadas. The bridge San Roque González de Santa Cruz, lying on the Paraná River, unites it with the neighbouring city of Encarnación (in the Republic of Paraguay).

Posadas offers many touristic attractions such as its 11 km waterfront on the Parana River, an old port, many parks, museums, and craft markets, along with a variety of bars, restaurants, pubs and casinos. In addition, there are several touristic attractions, such as the famous Jesuitic ruins of San Ignacio from the XVII Century located a few kilometers from the city.

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